Whether you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use one, there are still ways to rent a car. Some rental companies require a credit card to book, but others allow you to pay with a debit card or other forms of payment.

You may have to jump through extra hoops, such as providing more identification or submitting to a credit check. But it’s possible.


Using cash or a debit card at car rental companies allows you to avoid the hassles of credit cards and often results in better rates. It also allows you to stick to your budget and not overspend. However, it is important to understand that you will have a higher risk of being held responsible for the vehicle.

Many rental car companies require you to bring additional forms of identification at the time of pickup if paying with cash or debit card. These may include a photo store member card (Costco or Sam’s Club), current month utility statement that shows the renter’s name and address, a bank or credit union statement with the name and address of the renter or a government issued identification.

If you decide to use a debit card, make sure that the account has enough funds to cover the estimated charges and a $200 authorization. You may also be required to present a check or money order.

Debit Card

Up until recently, rental car companies often made you jump through some serious hoops to rent a vehicle if you didn’t pay with a credit card. But times have changed, and some rental car companies will let you use your debit card at the time of the car pickup.

However, it is still worth scouring the policies of each location and calling to ask any questions you may have ahead of time. That’s because, although many of these places will accept debit cards and prepaid cards as a form of payment for your rental, they will usually place a hold on the amount you owe when you pick up the car, which means that some of your funds may be unavailable until your rental is returned or the hold is released.

Additionally, you’ll likely be required to present a couple of forms of ID that match the name on your credit card and driver’s license. And you’ll need to have a sufficient balance in your bank account to cover the amount of your rental and any incidental charges.

Prepaid Card

Some rental car companies allow customers to rent a car without a credit card by using a bank-issued debit card, prepaid card or even cash. If you’re able to find a location that accepts this form of payment, be prepared to provide additional forms of identification and possibly undergo a longer car rental qualification process. I recommend this website for more Rent a Car Tirana Airport.

Debit cards function like a credit card, except the money is actually taken out of your checking account instead of being billed later. Because of this, some rental car companies may be hesitant to rent to those who pay with a debit card, especially if they’re near their credit limit.

In this case, you could try to negotiate a little by offering more cash or a prepaid gift card to cover the total cost of the car. If the company refuses to offer a concession, you can always just choose to rent with another company. Just be sure to compare prices first!

Credit Card

Most rental car companies require a credit card to qualify and make a deposit on a rental. However, some are more flexible and allow you to pay with debit cards and cash — though they may still put a hold on those funds until the rental is settled or canceled.

Rental car companies are more likely to accept these forms of payment at smaller, family-owned locations. They also might be more willing to work with you if you can offer additional forms of identification or agree to a larger payment authorization hold.

Some people choose to avoid credit cards for a variety of reasons, including fear of identity theft or a dislike of debt. But that doesn’t mean they can’t rent a car. They just need to know which options are available to them and read the rental car company’s policies carefully. They also may face a few hurdles, like additional ID requirements or limitations on the cars they can rent.