Your home’s eavestrough might be the unsung hero of your property’s roof system, but if it fails, it could lead to significant damage to your foundation, walls, and even the roof. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not pay much attention to their eavestrough until it develops a problem. Envirotech Exteriors can assist you with all of your eavestrough needs for your home or business.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to tell when your eavestrough has been damaged, and when you need to hire professional eavestrough repair services.

Look for Signs of Rust:

Your eavestrough is made from either aluminum, steel or vinyl. Rust can easily damage steel and can drag down the eavestrough over time. When signs of rust begin to form, it means there is already significant damage to your eavestrough. By the time rust spots appear, you need to get in touch with a professional eavestrough repair and replacement company immediately.

Observe for Water Damage:

One of the most obvious signs of eavestrough damage is water damage. If your eavestrough is faulty or clogged, water can easily leak into your home’s foundation, basement, or walls. Take a walk around your home after rain; if you spot water damage, there’s a good chance that your eavestrough needs to be repaired.

Check for Sagging or Bowing:

Sagging and bowing is another sign of eavestrough damage. When your eavestrough has been exposed to harsh weather conditions, it may begin to bow, sag or separate from the roofline. This is an important sign that the eavestrough has become old and might need to be replaced by a professional.

Inspect for Disconnects:

Another piece of damage to look out for is a disconnected eavestrough. Heavy storms or snowfall can end up loosening the fasteners that hold the eavestrough in place. This disconnect can cause the entire line of eavestrough to become unhinged from your roof. Keep an eye out for disconnected eavestroughs, and call in a professional to take care of a repair.

Note Down Clogs:

If your downspouts clog regularly, it could be an indication of the health of your eavestrough. Water overflowing from the eavestrough can lead to water damage to landscaping, foundation and even within the house. It’s important to have a professional maintenance and cleaning of the eavestrough every year to reduce the likelihood of clogs.


Your eavestrough can easily be taken for granted, but it’s essential for protecting your home’s roof and foundation. If you notice water damage, bowing, sagging, disconnects, or clogs in your eavestrough, it’s essential to bring in a professional eavestrough repair service to assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs. Keeping an eye out for these common eavestrough issues can save you a lot of money and help keep your home safe and secure.