We have now fully transformed to the 4.0 era, to the point where we are almost fully nearing the 5G era. One interesting must-have item for education is undeniably the iPad. In particular, the iPad Pro, that can be considered all-rounded whether it be for information research, personal or lecture note-taking, file management, video and image editing, as well as more complex tasks such as illustrations – of these tasks are possible on this device. For those that are still hesitant, this article summarizes reasons as to why the iPad Pro is the most suitable device for education in this era.

5 Reasons to Confirm Why the iPad Pro is Most Suitable for Study

  1. Portable

Students nowadays are busy with various activities both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, it will be a hassle to carry around larger devices everywhere, making the iPad Pro a suitable option in terms of portability due to its weight of only 486 grams in the 11-inch iPad Pro, and 684 grams in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with a thickness of only 5.9mm and 6.4mm respectively. This makes carrying an iPad no different from carrying a notebook in your bag that you can effortlessly bring out to use and any time with convenience.

  1. Large screen size and sharp display for effortless note-taking

The iPad Pro has a large screen size to support more seamless streaming and note-taking than before with the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Its Liquid Retina and Liquid Retina XDR display with an anti-reflective coating allows for sharp display even under bright sunlight. The display also incorporates True Tone technology and IPS technology, 2732-by-2048-pixel resolution at 264 ppi, making streaming or graphic design tasks true-to-color, sharp and seamless.

  1. Powerful specifications with the M2 chip for seamless multitasking

The iPad Pro comes with a powerful M2 chipset that has received recognition for its fast and powerful performance. It meets the present needs for work and study by being able to run various applications coherently at the same time for seamless multitasking, as well as the ability to effortlessly carry out heavy workload tasks such as video editing. The iPad Pro’s supports connectivity to your Thunderbolt display device, has 4 speakers and 5 studio-quality microphones to result in professional presentations no matter whether in an offline or online conference setting.


  1. Many accessories to help improve workflow

In order to elevate the iPad Pro to function as well as a good laptop, the iPad Pro itself is designed to support accessories such as the Apple Pencil that provides a more realistic and accurate pixel-level touch whether you tilt, press or tap twice. It also supports the Magic Keyboard that has a floating design, trackpad and backlit keys, further extending the performance and functionality of the iPad Pro.

  1. Durable battery that supports fast-charging 

The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are designed for long-lasting battery life, supporting longer use of up to 10 hours of streaming and web browsing over Wi-Fi, or up to 9 hours of web browsing using a cellular network. The iPad Pro can be charged from a computer via a USB-C cable or power adapter, where it also supports fast charging.

The iPad Pro – an IT gadget that’s here to change students’ approach to education. Whether it be note-taking, reviewing your classes, attending online classes, delivering assignments or for general entertainment, it is making our approach to study easier than ever. For those interested, visit iPad Pro from Studio7 Online for more details, or in-store at Studio7 where we have specialists on-site to support or provide advice for your queries.